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The roof is an important part of any building either residential or commercial one. It is important to ensure the durability of this structure so that the inner decorations cannot be damaged from outer disturbance when there is an adverse weather condition outside. Moreover, this part also provides strength to the overall structure of the building; therefore, it becomes necessary to choose the material carefully.

Durable Roofing Company is a full service roofing company specializing in the commercial and industrial market since 1917. By combining the latest state-of-the-art technology with decades of proven experience, we ensure that our clients receive the most professional service at a competitive price.

Our company specializes in roofing services and handles jobs like repairing and replacing the existing rooftops. We are equipped with latest tools and well versed with the techniques of providing these services. We ensure that we use high-quality roofing material so that structures our company design and build are strong and durable. Professionalism is another striking feature of our reputed roofing company and it reflects when the services are provided within the stipulated time promised to customers.

The services of our roofing company can be categorized into two different sections. The one of to residential buildings and we provide for commercial ones. However, services are more or less same for both the sections what differs mostly is the structure and sometimes the material we use. Commercial setups commonly go for high-class designs. On the other hand, the requirement of residential buildings differs with their financial arrangements. Further, the material for any construction is of superior quality, which ensures robustness of any roof.

Another service provided by our professionals is the maintenance job that we provide after sales services. This ensures for the replacement of minor damages, which extends the life of roofs. Besides this, we inspect the roof in detail and note the related issues such as cracks and leakage. This provides them an idea of offering a customized solution to the problems detected with the rooftops. They also offer an accurate estimate of the repairing services, which is extremely convenient. Charges for services offered by these professionals depend on the type of damage, services required and material used for construction.

To conclude it all, we are a company certified installers for industry leading manufacturers like GAF Corp., ,.Tamko, Manville Roofing Systems Division,Owens-Corning,Polyglass and Firestone, Each of the products we use is fundamental to energy efficiency. As certified installers, we provide the manufacturers warranty and/or guarantee for these products which are in conformity with LEED and Energy Star current standards.


Our mission statement is simple;

To provide companies with good products, performance, and customer service available at Chicago Metropolitan roofing market through knowledge, years of hands-on experience, dedication, integrity, and fairness.

As a licensed, bonded and fully insured company we feel confident that our craftsmanship and expertise will meet and exceed your expectations.