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Worry Free Maintenance Plans from Durable Roofing Company

Regular repair and maintenance is a perfect way to maintain the value of your home. Regular home maintenance is an investment with several long-term and short-term benefits. Timely attention to home maintenance needs can also prevent extreme and costly repairs that result if initially small issues are permitted to worsen. When it comes to regular home inspection, you will find that roof refurbishment is a significant part.

Effortless Maintenance Plans from Durable Roofing Company

Fact #1: One third of all new roofs have problems within the first year.

Roofing problems are not confined to old roofs. Almost two thirds of all roofing troubles occur within the first three years of a roof’s life. Considering that the cost of replacing a roof is about 40 times as much as maintaining one, a preventative maintenance program is a smart choice.

The Durable Rooftop Maintenance Agreement

We will send an expert to your property to routinely investigate and survey the maintenance needs of your roof. Amid our review we will search for, recognize, and address the following:

  • building settlement
  • thermal expansion
  • thermal contraction
  • weathering (sun, wind, snow)

Fact #2: Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your roof.

The objective of our general investigation is to deal with the little problems before they turn out to be extensive ones. The biggest danger to your roof is water. At the point when left undetected water can harm your roof. The Durable Roofing Maintenance Agreement is intended to find water and forestall harm before it spreads.

The program incorporates the following:

  • Making minor field and flashing repairs
  • Removing debris from the roof drains and gutters
  • Caulking roof related sheet metal and skylights
  • Resealing drain needs
  • Refastening loose panels on rooftop HVAC units

Our roofing maintenance contract promises to take care of your roofing needs no matter what part of the life cycle your roof is currently in. When it comes time for a re-roof or a major repair, it will not come as a surprise.

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