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Roofing is an essential process that boosts the value of your commercial property. It impacts how your building appears, and so the job should be done properly. In Chicago, even those buildings that receive regular maintenance are vulnerable to a series of problems because of the climate of this region. However, with our maintenance plan, we will make your investment look exceptionally elegant.

Durable Roofing Company has stood the test of time. Would you like your roof to do the same?

We are your trusted provider for industrial roof maintenance, repair, or replacement in Chicago and throughout the midwest.

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Is Your Industrial Roof Weathered, Worn, or Failing?

Durable Roofing Co. can handle any problem you are experiencing. Below are a few examples of problems common to commercial roofs.

Water can be the most damaging element to any roof. Poor drainage that prevents water to be shed can lead to devastating effects. Ice formation, oxidization, and unnecessary roof wear can shorten the life of your commercial roof in a hurry. Fix any and all standing water problems your roof is experiencing to ensure a more durable roof.

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An improperly sealed roof can cause a wind uplifting situation that leads to early cracking and fatigue to your roof system. This will shorten the lifespan of your commercial roof very quickly. Proper maintenance and sealing will help your roof resist wind uplift and perform the way it should.

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While most smallish blistering spots may not need to be addressed, it is important to tackle this problem before it develops into a much larger issue. Large blistering on a roof surface can lead to trapped moisture and decreased exposure resistance. We can offer the advice needed to address your blistering roof.

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The Durable Difference

It is not uncommon for a roofing contractor to fail at providing manufacturer warranties or guarantees for the job they do. We certified installers with those companies that allow us a full menu of customer services to ensure customer happiness. In addition, we offer Severe Weather Roof Systems specifically designed for the climate experience of the Midwest. Weather you have blistering or wind uplift issues with your roof, we can provide you with the correct solution for your application.

We source only the best materials and brands available to the consumer. With more than one hundred years of experience among our employees and a business record nearly as long, we will always be there when the customer needs us. With all types of Roofing Systems and Applications, we are your source for a trusted roofing contractor. Call Durable Roofing Co. and let us show you why our specialty is Commercial and Industrial Roofing and Roofing Systems. We will do the job right the first time.

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