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Industrial Roof Contractor Chicago

The roof is the most critical part of your industrial building as it provides protection to your inventory, equipment and staff. With varying weather patterns from deep cold winters to hot summers, the integrity of your roof is usually stretched to its maximum.

At Durable Roofing Company, we can assess any roofing concerns you have with a view of identifying and correcting any roofing problems before it gets out of hand.

When left unattended, a poorly maintained roof can deteriorate to the point of affecting your business negatively. With close to 100 years of servicing industrial roofs, we are the undisputed leader when it comes to industrial roof installation, repair, replacement and maintenance in Chicago and the entire Midwest.

In the event your roof is leaking, peeling or showing signs of fatigue, contact Durable Roofing Company. Having a bad industrial roof will not only give you negative reviews, but will lead to destruction of your equipment and inventory. In addition, staff working beneath a bad roof will have poor morale. Some of the common industrial roofing problems we have encountered over the years include; leaking roofs, poor maintenance and ice dams.

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Is Your Industrial Roof Leaking, Showing Fatigue, or Peeling?

Durable Roofing Co has seen it all. With an industrial building, a bad roof can lead to a bad reputation, inventory and equipment destroyed, or poor morale for those that work beneath it. Before your roof becomes a problem for your business, let us solve all your problems. Below are some of the most common industrial roofing problems that we have encountered.

When an industrial roof is neglected over time, it can lead to big problems. Sediment that collects, moisture that never quite gets shed from the roof, and long time exposure to the elements can lead to a breakdown of your roofing material.

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Industrial roofs are prone to water collection. If a roof does not drain properly, ice dams can form that can wreak havoc on the roof surface. This can also lead to additional structural problems in your industrial application.

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An industrial roof that lacks maintenance is prone to leaks. A leaking roof can cause damage to your precious inventory or cause unseen structural damage that can devastate your industrial building. Addressing a water infiltration problem should be at the top of the list for every building manager.

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The Durable Difference

As an approved and certified industrial roof installer, we are able to provide manufacturers we work with warranties and guarantees in every roofing job we take. Additionally, we provide a number of severe weather roofing systems that gives your roof the ability to withstand the harsh Midwest climate. We also offer a number of Severe Weather Roof Systems that may be exactly what you need. Systems like these can increase the ability of your roof to combat the harsh Midwest climate.

Durable Roofing Company is a professional and reputable industrial roofing company. We source and use high quality roofing materials and accessories. Our team of roofers have a combined hands on experience of over 100 years. With guarantees on our work and with almost a century in business, let us help you out with any commercial and industrial roofing services you may want. You will definitely be satisfied and happy with our services.

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